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Simply Giraffe Company Updates

Updated: Jan 25

What we did in our first year and what we are doing now. . .

This past year we have done some amazing things together for our community.

This year we:

  1. Partnered with the Global Women Peace Foundation

  2. Sent 400 menstrual pads (200 reusable) over seas to women and girls in need

  3. Hosted 2 Local Park and Sidewalk Clean Up /Sanitation events in Fairfax, VA

  4. Supported our partner the Global Women Peace Foundation in their walk on Washington to end Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

This past year we also celebrated our give away recipient Tamyka M. Again congratulations Tamyka! You guys we did some wonderful stuff, but by God's grace there is much more to do. The Simply Giraffe team has listened to your suggestions very closely. So we have made some changes in the Simply Giraffe House.

(Update 1/25/2023) Big Changes: Vender Change

Due to product capacity issues, Simply Giraffe will no longer be using the trade school. We still support their mission and their vision. If you would like to learn how you can contribute to this incredible organization please click: here

About the Izla Hearn Center

Hellen founded the Izla Hearn Center, because she seen a need in her community. Before Hellen opened the school, she worked at a hotel. At work she observed many young women working in poor conditions for very little pay. Their income, like many other young women in the community, was not always enough to cover rent. This broke Hellen's heart. So she began taking in and mentoring young women in the art of sewing. Through prayer and her compassion for people, the Izla Hearn Center was born. The program is a two-year program. At the conclusion of the two years, the women graduate as master seamstresses, and a new set of students join the class. The purpose of the school is to empower women with the knowledge and skill to become successful entrepreneurs.

(Second School)

Many of Hellen's students are mothers. So recently, Hellen opened a second learning center to teach children how to read and write. Part of the funds generated by the Izla Hearn Center also go toward the second institution.

Simply Giraffe Goals:

1. Donate 1,000 Reusable Pads to our Partner Global Women Peace Foundation

The Global Women's Peace Foundation distributes thousands of pads every year around the globe to women in need. Last year due to COVID, for the first time, their pad storage facility was empty. This means that hundreds of women and girls had to use rags during their menstrual cycle. Many others stay home from work and school because they can not afford to purchase pads on a monthly basis.

With your help, we can change this. A woman menstruates approximately 84 days a year and uses on average 500 pads during that time. Imagine what one reusable pad can do for one person, now times that by 1,000. We are change.

Learn More

2. Launch an Environmental Friendly Education Program

Understanding our environment is foundational to appreciating people and life. Through this program, students will learn the value of a seed. Seeds are small and are often overlooked. They take time, patience, diligence, and attentiveness to grow. Just like every career, it does not happen over night. Also, just like every career, it must be maintained to be fruitful. When looking at a seed, a gardener can not solely think about what they want from it, but they have to consider the plant's life and its needs. In this program, the students will be growing plants, but the lessons they will learn will transcend beyond the classroom, into their adulthood and into their communities.


3. Launch Simply Giraffe Green (Non- Profit)

Simply Giraffe Green was developed out of our desire to interact and support our local community. Through Simply Giraffe Green, we want to support our community by engaging in local community events, hosting community events, and addressing local needs. Our mote is, "We are Earth's Good Stewards." Taking care of people is taking care of earth.

See Blog for Upcoming Events

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