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Be the Best You that You can Be!

There was a time in my life when I could not afford to go to school. What I learned in my private time launched my career and changed my life. Now, I would like to share some of those resources with you. May they bless you, and help you become "The Best You that You can Be!"

- C.E.O. Kim T.

Pregnancy and Parenting Help

Fayett Pregnancy Resource Center

Free Online Learning

  • EDX - Was developed by 160 of the top universities in the world to provide free education and college level lectures. Certification options are available to paying participants.

[Learn Programing, Data Analytics , Business, Cyber Security and much, much more . . ]

  • Alison provides free courses with certificates. You can put these courses on your resume. This website does have ads, just hit the little "X" button in the right hand corner.

  • Six Sigma White Belt Certification

Tuition Free College Programs

  • University Of the People - Attain an accredited College (Associates, Bachelors, & Masters) degree recognized by the United States Board of Education.

  • "Fully Funded" Masters and Doctoral Programs - Many schools offer fully funded graduate programs to students, but most people do not take advantage of this option because they do not know about it. The fully funded programs are not a scholarship, but the tuition free opportunity is actually embedded into the program. Some schools even provide a living stipend for students to attend.

To learn more Click the link below:

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