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Atlanta Women's Expo (Friend or Foe)

By: Kimberly Tsumbu

The Atlanta Women's Expo was full of amazing inspirational women. What a beautiful community of entrepreneurs. At this expo, I went on the hunt to meet and take pictures of as many small local businesses as I could. Some of the businesses I met sold similar products to Simply Giraffe. To be honest, I was not sure if I would be received as a friend or foe.

Friend or foe?

This question rattled my mine with every step I took, but Why? Why do I experience brilliant like-minded people this way? The truth is, I do not have to experience people in this manner. It is a cognitive choice, not an automatic default. Meaning if I so choose, I can control my thoughts, feelings, worries, doubts and perceived perceptions I have of other people. Effectively taking responsibility for my thoughts; how I choose to see the world.

Why is this Important

So many of us see the world through "friend or foe" goggles. We operate on preconceived notions conjured up by our imaginations. Imagination is God's gift to mankind. However, when it stops us from experiencing the beauty of reality and the possibility of friendship, it becomes a problem.

Leap of Faith - The Simple Hello

Sometimes a simple "hello" and a smile is the best leap of faith any one can take. Why? Because "hello" puts you right in the middle of open waters for a wonderful conversation. A smile invites the other person to jump into the water with you. Sometimes we may sink, other times we may float. However, there are times we will swim and simply enjoy the water together. There is a beauty in community, it is a treasure truly worth exploring.

Below are business cards for some of the incredible women business owners I met.

Ladies, thank you for your positive energy and sharing your brilliant uniqueness with the world.

(Please note that none of these businesses beliefs, practices, and or products are affiliated with and or reflect the Simply Giraffe Store, it’s beliefs, and or culture.)

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