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Common Question

Simply Giraffe

1. Installing Reusable Pads

Installing Reusable Pads

Install just like a traditional pad; be sure to snap the button

2. Removing & Storing used Pads

Removing & Storing used Pads

1. Fold in

2. Clip

3. Place in cloth menstrual bag

*When storing reusable pads at home avoid storing pads in airlock containers

3. Washing Reusable Pads

Washing Reusable Pads

1. Open pads face down into COLD water, and let soak for about 15 mins.

(*Add in a table spoon of baking soda for super spoiled pads) 

2. Squeeze and/or rinse pads

3. Machine or hand wash pads 

*Reusable Pads can be washed with other dark items on cold and are dryer safe 

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How Long Can I Wear It?

It depends on your flow. Simply Giraffe pads are supper absorbent, and you may find that even on heavy days you can wear our brand a lot longer than our disposable competitors.

  • For mensuration we do recommended that you change your pad as needed or at the standard 6 hour mark.

  • If you are using your pad as a liner we recommend changing your pad as needed or the 8 hour mark.

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4. How Long Can Reusable Pads Last

They can last for several month or several years it all depends on how they are maintained.


Best Practices:

1. Try to wash soiled pads with in a week of use

2.Do not leave pads soaking or in standing water for days at a time

3. When hand washing be sure to rinse out all soap

4. When Air drying hang pads to allow air flow and water run off

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