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Going Green has Never been so easy

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Going Green has Never been so easy

*Chemical Free

*Charcoal infused for natural odor control

*Made with soft, breathable, durable bamboo fibers

Going Green has Never been so easy

Shop Period Panties $15.99 and Under

Reusable Pad Bundle 10 for $25

Fun Facts

  • Most disposable pads and tampons contain cancer causing chemicals

  • The average Women menstruants about 2,400 days in a lifetime (approximately 6 and a half years) 

  • Using 16,000 or more disposables per person 

  • The plastic from single use items end up in landfilled, the streets, or in the ocean "The worlds Biggest toilet"

Where do your  Menstrual Products Go?

How often are you being exposed to harmful chemicals?


  1. Toxic Chemicals Article 

  2. National Geographics 

  3. Environmental Waste Management  

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Outreach Program

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We believe that it is a human right for all people to have access to hygienic products. For every 10 reusable menstrual pads purchased, Simply Giraffe will donate (one reusable pad) to the Global Woman P.E.A.C.E Foundation to meet the needs of women and girls around the world. You can also donate pads directly to GW by using the donation button.


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